Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Military life as we know it....

{Not so good right now}
I have tried really hard to keep positive but it seems to get harder every day. I know that there are people out there that have it much worse so I try really hard to keep positive and not complain... but its hard. We keep getting told that I will be able to move up to Whidbey Island as soon as Trae gets his orders, which is great except they keep telling us different days that he will get them. Initially he was supposed to get them last friday, that didnt happen, then he was supposed to get them this morning, he called at lunch and said that they havent come yet and now they are saying this friday. I am just sick of the false hope, I just wish they would go back to telling us nothing so we would stop getting so disapointed.
It has been four months now since we have lived together, I miss it so much...
But on a positive note:
We do know what his orders will say;
We will be stationed in Whidbey Island :) at least for 2 years.
He will be with Sqaudron VP40.
He will be working on the P-3 Orion aircraft.
He will be deployed every 18 months {so sad about this}
His deployments will be for six months to Quitar {over by saudi arabia}
So at this point we can say that we are not too happy with the military.
Although, like I said before, I shouldn't complain, many people have it worse and financially they take care of us pretty well {its the emotional factor they need to work on}

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