Sunday, September 7, 2008

Little Casey

I tried to take some pics so you can tell how little he is but these pics still make him look bigger! He is so sweet and is getting along with the dogs very well... thank goodness!

Cody: what are you?
Charlie: i smell food!

Soooo little

Sitting with daddy

look at that face!

Charlie: What in the world are you and what are you doing here?!

hehe so cute!

Ummm.... could you resist this face?
Thanks for lookin :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Newest addition to the family!

We got a zoo going on in our house! 2 dogs... like 20 fish... and today we added a kitty!!! He is so cute! Only 6 weeks old. He is a Tabby Cat. Best part... he was free :) He is really playful and I cant wait to get to know his personality, I can already tell he is gonna be so much fun!
And we have no idea what to name him so please help... kinda want a C name :)
Edit: We are thinking Casey... what do you think??

Look at those eyes!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Picture Heavy...

We LOVE going to the beach with the doggies and our freinds! We live so close and we really need to take advantage of it more often! Oak Harbor is so gorgeous and has so much to do outside so I hope it doesnt get too cold too quick so we can go down there more often. It is literally less than 5 minutes! Here are ALOT of pics from today, sorry, I always feel like I have way too many pics but I can choose what to leave out! haha Sorry if you get bored!

Kisses ♥

He had so much fun digging!

My favorite pic of the day!

The group

Check out his ears haha

My sweetie!

Like his bag?! haha
Skipping rocks

I love this boy!

Thanks for looking!