Saturday, September 6, 2008

Newest addition to the family!

We got a zoo going on in our house! 2 dogs... like 20 fish... and today we added a kitty!!! He is so cute! Only 6 weeks old. He is a Tabby Cat. Best part... he was free :) He is really playful and I cant wait to get to know his personality, I can already tell he is gonna be so much fun!
And we have no idea what to name him so please help... kinda want a C name :)
Edit: We are thinking Casey... what do you think??

Look at those eyes!!!!


The Smith Family said...

How sweet! I think you should name him Panda or Oreo based on his looks

C names, how about casper, ceaser or cullen (Edward) :-)

Tiffany Hewlett said...

He's really cute! Casey is cute-lets see there is Cooper, Connor, Chase, Clark, Cameron, Carter, Coy, Cannon, I am struggling thinking of any other C names at the moment-I think I like Clark best. I am kind of wishing I could have a pet-that is one cute little kitty!