Friday, December 19, 2008

What we've been up to...

So... since there is still alot of this on the ground,
We have been doing a lot of this:

And this: (notice my winning score and the Yahtzee that I got on my FIRST roll!!!)
And notice how happy the boys were losing to a girl ;) (for the 4th time!)

Just Casey posing all cute for me:
Oh and I think some of you wanted to see my new haircut ;) haha. (notice how happy Casey is)
It isnt styled very well because I need a new straightener but I
Hope you like it! Oh and mom, I hope you dont think I look like a boy ;)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We LOVE the SnOw!!!

I wasn't quite sure how Charlie and Cody would do in the snow, but they love it as much as we do! They just keep chasing each other around and wrestling in it even though it is as deep as their legs are tall! Which I guess isn't saying much haha. It snowed about another 4 inches last night and I am so excited. Trae says I act like a 4 year old when it snows because I get so giddy... I just love it!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays :)

Around the house...

Just relaxing on snow day :) Man I love the snow, it is so beautiful. And I love it in the NW because everything shuts down which means hubby doesnt have to work =) here are just some pics of my cute boys...


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just a few pics...

I have nothing interesting to share, just a few pics. sorry. i It snowed yesterday and I loved it, hope it keeps coming. The pets are doing good. Casey is getting huge!! Maybe I will get a pic of my new haircut for you tomorrow :) and of the house. we will see ;) hope everyone is doing great!


Monday, November 24, 2008

A little update...

Sorry I have been bad blogging lately, I'm trying to get better!
Trae came home on the 16th so we have just been enjoying spending time together and finishing up unpacking. We love our new house so much, I know, I know, you wanna see pics... I will get some up after thanksgiving. I am busy getting ready for Portland tomorrow :) So excited to see my family, wish we could all get together more! Were gonna miss you Toshya Craig and Kayla! Soo sad you cant make it this year! I am so glad Trae is back, it was a long 6 weeks, dont know how I am going to handle the 6 months come June, but we will worry about that when it comes!! I hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the holiday season!

and to give amanda something to read ;)....

1. What is your best friends name?
You guys know your names ;)
2. What color
underwear/boxers wearing now?
nunya buisness
3. What are you liste
ning to right now?
dogs barking... ugh
4. Whats
your favorite number?
5 What was the last thing
you ate?
left over pizza
6 If you were a crayo
n what color would you be?
teal or turqoise!!!
7 How is the weath
er right now?
8 Who was the last perso
n you talked 2 on the phone?
My mom
9 The first
thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Personality and smile
10 Do you have a signi
ficant other?
Yes! he's the best
11 Favor
ite TV show?
The Office!!!! Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Jon and Kate plus 8 ;), Chuck, The Hills, and anything on food network or hgtv.
12 Sibli
3, Tiff, Tosh, Ty
13 Heigh
I am 5'5
14 Hair color
15 Eye Color
blue green
16 Do you wear conta
17 Favor
ite Holiday?
19 Have you ever cried
for no reason?
haha yes, I am a girl
20 What was the last movie
you watched?
Billy Madison
21 favor
ite day of the year?
August 26th, our wedding anniversary
22 Are you too shy to ask someo
ne out?
well probably but good thing i will never have to
23 Can you do a heads
tand (not using the wall)?
im sure i can but i wont
24 Hugs or Kisse
Both please.
25 Choco
late or Vanilla?
26 Do you want your frien
ds to respond to this?
YES... gives me something to read!!
27 Who is most likel
y to respond?
no one
28 Who is least
likely to respond?
29 What books
are you reading?
none right now, thinking of reading twilight again cus i loved it so much
30 Pierc
ears, but i never wear any earings
31 Favor
ite movies?
too many to list
32 Favor
ite football Team?
dont really have one, trae likes virginia tech
33 what were u doing
before this?
spending time with trae before he left for work
34 Butte
r, Plain or Salted popcorn?
37 Dogs or cats?
Both :)
38 Favor
ite flower?
Gerber Daisies
39 Been caugh
t doing something you weren't supposed to do?
hasn't everyone
40 Do you have a best frien
d of the opposite sex?
Yeah I have a few
41 Have you ever loved
Of course
42 Who would
you like to see right now?
my family, and amanda and ali
43 Are you still
friends with people from kindergarten?
44 Have you ever fired
a gun?
yes, its actually quite relaxing
45 Do you like to trave
l by plane?
ya its so much faster
46 Right
-handed or Left-handed?
47 How many pillo
ws do you sleep with?
48 Are you missi
ng someone?
yes always
49 Do you have a Tattoo?
50 Anybo
dy on myspace that you'd go on a date with?
My hubby :)

I tag anyone that wants to play

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekend with mom!

So I am all in the new house and let me tell you I LOVE IT!!! It is soooo nice. I couldn't be happier. Actually I will be when Trae is here(which is next sunday :) ) anyway, i will get pictures up here when it is all unpacked and not so scary!
So my sweet mother came up here on friday night (halloween) to help me clean out the old house on saturday. Thank you so much mom, couldnt have gotten it all done so quick without you! So we started saturday off with McDonalds breakfast :), went to walmart to get all the necessary cleaning products and such, went to our FAVE greek restaurant up here(sooo yum) then worked our butts off all day!!! We got soo much done, it was awesome. We ended the night with some yum food from applebees. Then on Sunday we went to play. I didnt want my mom to come up here just to clean! So we took a little tour of the island... with our trusty cameras of course :) Lots of pics! Enjoy! Oh and sorry some of these pics arent that great, some are taken through the car window!

We put Port Townsend in Kitty and went on our way...

Of course we had to stop and get some delish eggnog steamers

This cute church is in Coupville

We saw these cuties on the side of the road and had to stop

They were literally right outside my window!!!

We made our way to the Fort Casey Lighthouse...

It is small but charming

Stopped on the side of the road to snap pics of some of the scenery on the way to the Ferry...

We took the ferry to go to Port Townsend to see the cute shops
And waited in this for a long while...

Saw this awesome dog...
Could not even see his eyes!

And we did alot of self portraits because...

What else is there to do when you are stuck in the car with a camera!

Got to Port Townsend saw a few shops...

We then went on our way to Discovery Bay... online said there were cool things to see but the only thing there was a resort, but still pretty scenery!

Oh and this cute little cafe that had the BEST fish and chips we have ever had! Their clam chowder was awesome too!

So that was our weekend, super fun but too short! I wish we could do this more often!! I hope you enjoyed the weekend mom, minus the cleaning :)