Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We LOVE the SnOw!!!

I wasn't quite sure how Charlie and Cody would do in the snow, but they love it as much as we do! They just keep chasing each other around and wrestling in it even though it is as deep as their legs are tall! Which I guess isn't saying much haha. It snowed about another 4 inches last night and I am so excited. Trae says I act like a 4 year old when it snows because I get so giddy... I just love it!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays :)


Amanda and Drew said...

Yes you are nuts. I have never heard anyone LOVING snow. Its so cold!! and wet! and a pain in the rear to drive in. I like warm!!!! like sand and beaches. yay. I miss you and my charlie brown. his paws look so cute in those pics.

Julie Smith said...

It looks like a blast to me too. I'm surprised we can see anything more than Cody's head!