Monday, January 26, 2009

New blog & random photos

I finally created a new blog just for my photography... it is still "under construction" but go ahead and check it out if you want... Memories by Tabitha
and add it to your link list. I am in the process of learning photoshop(finally)so I am really excited about that. Nothing too exciting going on in our world... Trae is going on deployment again in May so we are just kinda preparing ourselves for that.
And thats about it. I will leave you with a few cute pics of my boys :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

***Our House***

I realize that we have lived here for 2 months, about time I show you some pics!!! Sorry its taken so long, you all know how I am :) I didn't post any pics of the bathroom because nothing matches right now. I am indecisive on the colors. But as soon as I decide what I want I will post it up here. And no pics of the guest bedroom either but there isnt really anything in there so ya. Here ya are.... whatcha think??

The entry way:

The laundry room:
Its so nice to have this much room :)

The entry hall way:
(What you see when you open the door)

Shelf with bench underneath:
(we put shoes under the bench and mail in the basket)

Just a close up:

The living room:
(I love this room, so much natural light!)

Book shelf:
(its off to the left of the couch in a little nook)

Close up:
(My mom and sister found this really cute shelf... I LOVE it!!)

In our dining room:
the table will be right below this...
(behind the couch, but our table is still in storage; picking it up Tuesday :))

The computer "nook" in the kitchen:

One side of the kitchen:
(LOVE all the cabinet space...and the built in pantry at the very end!)

Other side of the kitchen:

Full view:
(going to get some greenery to go above the cabinets soon)

His & Her closets in the bedroom:
(soooo nice)

The Bed:
(the sign above says "always kiss me goodnight")

The view when you open the door:

And just had to add this:
Caseys huge jungle gym haha. its ugly but he looovvveees it!!!!
Hope you enjoyed the little tour...