Friday, January 2, 2009

***Our House***

I realize that we have lived here for 2 months, about time I show you some pics!!! Sorry its taken so long, you all know how I am :) I didn't post any pics of the bathroom because nothing matches right now. I am indecisive on the colors. But as soon as I decide what I want I will post it up here. And no pics of the guest bedroom either but there isnt really anything in there so ya. Here ya are.... whatcha think??

The entry way:

The laundry room:
Its so nice to have this much room :)

The entry hall way:
(What you see when you open the door)

Shelf with bench underneath:
(we put shoes under the bench and mail in the basket)

Just a close up:

The living room:
(I love this room, so much natural light!)

Book shelf:
(its off to the left of the couch in a little nook)

Close up:
(My mom and sister found this really cute shelf... I LOVE it!!)

In our dining room:
the table will be right below this...
(behind the couch, but our table is still in storage; picking it up Tuesday :))

The computer "nook" in the kitchen:

One side of the kitchen:
(LOVE all the cabinet space...and the built in pantry at the very end!)

Other side of the kitchen:

Full view:
(going to get some greenery to go above the cabinets soon)

His & Her closets in the bedroom:
(soooo nice)

The Bed:
(the sign above says "always kiss me goodnight")

The view when you open the door:

And just had to add this:
Caseys huge jungle gym haha. its ugly but he looovvveees it!!!!
Hope you enjoyed the little tour...


Julie Smith said...

I love it! You've done a great job!

Craig, Toshya and Mckayla Holley said...

Super cute! Thanx for finally giving us the tour! I love all your decorations, you are way more decorated than I am and we've been here over 3 years!
Love it!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome ur place is so great! Glad to finally see pics! You must be one happy camper, im so jealous :) love ya!

Thomas Family said...

Cute house!! Do you guys live on base?? I HATED on base housing with a passion!! lol but if you guys do live on base, it is much nicer than what we had!! But it is a naval base so that explains it all!! lol
And I second what Toshya said, you can decorate really well!! I suck!! hehe
Talk to you later,

Anonymous said...

It is so vewy cute!!! I love how clean and organized you are now. I am jealous. I dont know where my his/hers hangers are!!!! I wanny them now!! love your face