Friday, December 19, 2008

What we've been up to...

So... since there is still alot of this on the ground,
We have been doing a lot of this:

And this: (notice my winning score and the Yahtzee that I got on my FIRST roll!!!)
And notice how happy the boys were losing to a girl ;) (for the 4th time!)

Just Casey posing all cute for me:
Oh and I think some of you wanted to see my new haircut ;) haha. (notice how happy Casey is)
It isnt styled very well because I need a new straightener but I
Hope you like it! Oh and mom, I hope you dont think I look like a boy ;)


Julie Smith said...

I love the new cut!

Ali & Troy said...

BOUT TIME!!!!! :) I love the new hair cut! Its sooooo cute!!!!

Craig, Toshya and Mckayla Holley said...

So so cute! I love the hair! You should she the snow here, and it's still coming down!!!

Amanda and Drew said...

These pics make me miss yo face even more. Ugh... gotta work on the whole visit thing. Love you lots and always thinking of you.

Coree Adams said...

I LOVE YAHTZEE!!! Way to go beating the boys!