Wednesday, June 6, 2007

our OWN place!!!

...Finally! We finally have a place to call our own... and it is so nice! We absolutely love whidbey island, and we absolutely love our town house! It is so spacious and cute, these pictures do not do it justice! Everyone will just have to come up and see it them selves. I will definitely post new pics when we get all put away, i just wanted to give you an idea of how cute it is :) we should be getting new furniture next week so we wont have to sit on our camping chairs anymore! hahaha, but its all good, we love it and we are just very excited to be living together again!!!
The pics are out of order, They posted that way for some reason... Sorry
(by the way, our room is still full of boxes so i will post pics of it later)

Our Den/guest bedroom

Our little Backyard

Our Patio

Our Living Room

Our Kitchen

Our Dining Room... eventually there will be a table :)

The Front :)

Other half of our living room...(its huge)

The entry way


Chad & Tiffany Hewlett said...

Love it love it LOVE IT! How exciting! Can't wait to come up and see it-you know I will soon too! :0) Miss you **BFF**xoxoxoxo

HALEY said...

It's way cute! I am so happy for you guys.