Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wow... its been a while!

Sorry it has been so long, I have been kinda busy. Trae left on August 16th for Qatar and he wont be coming back until the first week of December... its been pretty hard lately. I miss him so much, i cant even begin to explain how I feel. Its hard not knowing where he is or what he is doing all the time. He is 10 hours ahead of us so when we are sleeping he is awake and while were awake he is asleep... it stinks!! It is really hot over there too, the highest it has gotten is 140 degrees, tell me thats not crazy! I have no idea how he handles that kind of heat. He says half the time he doesnt even go to eat dinner just because it is too hot outside to walk to the galley!! But luckily his bedroom is air conditioned and so are the rest of the buildings. I talk to him a couple times a week and he seems to be doing good, as good as he can be I guess... He really misses home though. I am actually in Utah right now visiting my sister and my new niece and that is helping time go by a little faster, but i have to admit that I am getting quite homesick myself. I really miss my puppy Charlie too. My sister is watching him for me and makes fun of me for missing him so much but he is just mine and Traes baby... I know it sounds funny but we absolutely love and adore him. He is definitely the most spoiled dog ever but we are okay with that :) Well i am going to try and write a little every day so that when Trae gets home he will be able to see what I was up to and so that everyone else can know how he is doing... here are a few pics... I miss my boys!

Please keep Trae in your prayers and if you want his email just ask!

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Chad & Tiffany Hewlett said...

Ha Ha funny pics of Char, and Trae looks so sweet sleeping in the trailer...Love ya!