Monday, September 3, 2007


So I am missing Trae alot these past few days. I dont know what it is but some days are better than others, its wierd. And before he left I figured I would never want to go to our house and stay there alone but its the only place I really want to be right now. Its wierd how things work out. I am going back to Portland on Wednesday and I am so excited to see Charlie... I miss him so much.
Well we haven't really been doing too much these last couple of days. We went up to the canyon for a little picnic and we have done a ton of shopping it seems but mostly we have just been hanging out and playing with Kayla. She has changed alot since I have been here even though its only been two weeks. She actually focuses on your face and smiles now... she is so adorable. Here are some pics of our little picnic. We had Gondalfo's sandwiches... they were so yummy!
well actually the computer wont upload the pics right now so I will load them later, sorry!
Hope everyone is doing well.


Chad & Tiffany Hewlett said...

Doing well-and so is your puppy! I am excited to see you tonight! The pics are adorable on Tosh's blog! Talk to ya later!

Anonymous said...

Putin qu'est ce qu'il peut ĂȘtre gnan-gnan ce blog !