Friday, January 25, 2008


So life has been really lame lately and its really starting to make me cranky because i am in the house all day! let me lay it out for you...
Wake up at 11ish (I know its late but keep reading!)
Eat lunch with Trae
Trae goes to work at 2
I am stuck at home having absolutely nothing to do
Trae gets home at 11
We stay up till 3ish because he is wired
And it starts all over again the next day!
Exciting right? no!!! So I have decided to stop being whiney and look for a job... wish me luck because I am going insane staying at home!!



The Smith Family said...

You will be much happier!

Craig & Toshya Holley said...

Just make sure you come visit us first craig says! We REALLY REALLY missed you on this trip! Hope you can find a job that you love and then you will have more money to play with!