Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Back :)

Wow, its crazy how long it has been since I've been on here. I really want to try and start keeping up with it again, we will see how it goes ;)

We have a lot going on these days, dont really know where to start...

I think everyone knows by now that we are expecting a little baby girl :) We are so excited and cannot wait to meet her soon. I am due on June 22nd so not too much longer. It was quite the surprise seeing that a month before we found out my doctor told me I wasn't ovulating, but I showed her :). My belly is huge and people are starting to comment, haha. It's usually something along the lines of "any day now" or "wow, you are very pregnant" as if I didn't know that haha. People are funny. Anyway, we couldn't be happier! I'm sure these next 7 weeks are going to fly by!

We are also in the process of buying our first house!! It's been very exciting and quite stressful at the same time. We close on June 3rd, so needless to say, June is going to be quite crazy. And we are going to try and fit a trip to Portland somewhere in there also. The house is about 20 minutes away from where we live now, further south on the island. It has a private community beach, pool, lake, and park so that should be fun. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1400 sq ft house... quite the upgrade from our 2 bedroom 1 bath 900 sq ft town house we are in right now :) we are so excited for all the extra room. We cannot wait to move in, I am going crazy not being able to put all the baby's things away. I want her room to be ready and organized and its driving me nutty! Hopefully we can close early and move in early!

Trae started a new job in March. He is still a mechanic on airplanes but he has changed to jets, and he loves it so far. The new squadron he is in seems to be so much better than the last and its so nice to see him happy and not stressed anymore! Hope it stays this way. He wont be deploying for the next 3 years so we are so so happy about that!! He will go out every once in a while but they usually only leave for about 2 weeks or so, sometimes shorter. Most of the time there are enough people that volunteer to go that hopefully he wont have to go too often.

We are both doing great and our pets are good :)

I will come back tomorrow and add pictures of my big belly for everyone that has been asking, and some of our new house :) Hopefully I can keep up on this from now on!!