Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moving =)

So we are FINALLY moving to a nicer place. And when I say we I mean me. Well of course Trae is coming with but he is in sunny San Diego while I am stuck with the entire moving process alone. Funny story(not really): So a few weeks back Trae volunteers for this San Diego det for 6 weeks thinking we could really use the money. Which we could, but I kept telling him that we were going to get the ok to move as soon as he left. He kept saying, "Dont worry bout it babe, I'm sure they wont call till at least December". Haha, ya right, they literally called the morning after he left. Are you kidding me????? Did I call it or what. Ok so I go and pick out the new house that I wanted and all is good, until they come to do the pre-inspection. Turns out we have to replace the downstairs carpet in this house... $860 dollars for crappy carpet, great. So it is really good that he went on this deployment becuase he is making like $870 dollars extra for being down there, so i cant be too mad. But it still stinks because I have to pack up the entire house, move, and do the extensive cleaning list the landlords have given me. They call it a "white glove inspection", and i'm afraid they mean it :/ luckily we know a lot of strong friends that are more than willing to help. Still I have basically 8 days to get the rest of the house packed up. Oh, and they only give me 3 days to do the entire move, yes 3 days!!! So lets just say I am a little stressed, excited to get out of this crap shack, but stressed none the less!
Here is the layout of the new house. It is a ranch style home and I am way excited about that. I think we will really enjoy it. No more carrying laundry up and down the stairs :) And I wont have to yell at the dogs every 20 minutes to come downstairs :). Oh and it has a gas stove which I am super stoked about!

Count those closets!!! 7 + a pantry! Plus storage out back and a garage!
No more paying $50 a month for storage... awesome!!!
I chose an end unit at the end of a dead end street so we have green space to the
side of us and no street behind us, tons of green space back there too. So
I am way excited for all the room Char and Cody will have!

This pic is not our house but it looks just like this... not bad eh?

So pray for me that this move will go smoothly :)

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Julie Smith said...

He's going to owe you big time!!!!!!!!!