Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time with friends...

These pics are from Ali's bachelorette party. We dressed her up to look like a goober and went to the local bowling alley. Sooo much fun! This was the last time us girls would be all together for a long time. Ali lives in Idaho right now but thankfully will be moving to Everrett sometime in January. But that is still a good 2 hour drive from me. And Amanda is moving to Louisianna on the 28th of this month :(. I am super sad about this because these two ladies have been some of my very best girl friends. Hopefully we will get to get together at least once a year. At least I wont have to go too far to see Ali. The worst thing about the navy to me, besides Trae having to go on deployments all the time, ( he is in San Diego right now) is making such good friends and having to say goodbye to them all the time. I hate it but I am so thankful these ladies came into my life and I am going to miss Amanda terribly!
Love you girls!

Ali doing some fancy bowlin

Ali and her sister, we call her lil spearski :)

Love you girls!!!

Dont u just love the outfit!

Im gonna miss you Gil :)

Cant wait till january!


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